Job Description

SIAG Chair


  1. Member of SIAG
  2. Elected by the members of the SIAG (except for the first Chair of the SIAG who is appointed by the President of SIAM)


  1. Serve as the chief volunteer of the SIAG
  2. Partner with the Executive Director in achieving the SIAG's mission and goals
    1. Discusses issues confronting the SIAG with the Executive Director.
  3. Provide leadership to the SIAG
    1. Work with fellow officers and committees to plan for activities
    2. Organize the SIAG’s efforts by implementing the goals and delegating the duties required by the SIAG Rules of Procedure and the year's plans
  4. Serve as leader of the technical area that the SIAG represents
    1. Insure quality of conferences -- program director/organizer
    2. Insure cooperation with SIAM Annual Meeting (see “Responsibilities of SIAG Officers”)
    3. Insure promotion of technical area -- SIAM News articles
    4. Insure communication with members and community – Web, newsletter
  5. Appoint any special task forces or committees and chairpersons of committees/task forces, in consultation with other SIAG officers.
  6. Recommend members for prize selection committees to the SIAM President.
  7. Insure that any SIAG prizes are structured in keeping with SIAM prize policy
  8. Preside at the meetings of the SIAG. (SIAG business meeting is held during SIAG conferences.)
  9. Communicate with the Board of Trustees and Council on the goals and accomplishments of the SIAG
    1. Evaluate annually the performance of the SIAG in achieving its mission and make a report to the Board of Trustees and Council.
    2. Submit charter renewal petition every three years as required by the SIAG’s ROP
  10. Represent SIAG in overall SIAM structure
    1. Attend in person, participate via conference call, or send a representative to meeting of SIAG Chairs held in conjunction with SIAM Annual Meeting.
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