Job Description

SIAG Program Director


  1. Member of SIAG
  2. Elected by the members of the SIAG (except for the first Program Director of the SIAG who is appointed by the President of SIAM)


  1. Responsibile for SIAG conferences and programs, including participation in the SIAM Annual Meeting. The program director will coordinate these activities with the chairperson who has overall responsibility for the direction of the SIAG.
  2. Serve as the conference organizer or delegate such responsibilities to an individual approved by the chair and other officers.
  3. Organize or delegate responsibilities to organize minisymposia at the SIAM Annual Meeting in years where there is no SIAG conference.
  4. At least once every seven years either organize a track of at least six minisymposia at the SIAM Annual Meeting or have an activity group meeting held jointly with the annual meeting. The VP for Programs and the VP at Large will coordinate the scheduling with the SIAG chair.
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