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Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal


A Micro-Macro Framework for Analyzing Steric and Hydrodynamic Interactions in Gliding Assays
Steven C. Cook, Christel Hohenegger, and Tamar Shinar

Error Analysis for D-Leaping Scheme of Chemical Reaction System with Delay
Chuchu Chen and Di Liu

Approximation of Crystalline Defects at Finite Temperature
Alexander V. Shapeev and Mitchell Luskin


Stationary Averaging for Multiscale Continuous Time Markov Chains Using Parallel Replica Dynamics
Ting Wang, Petr Plecháč, and David Aristoff

Quaternions in Collective Dynamics
Pierre Degond, Amic Frouvelle, Sara Merino-Aceituno, and Ariane Trescases

A Spectrally Accurate Algorithm and Analysis for a Ginzburg--Landau Model on Superconducting Surfaces
M. Ganesh and T. Thompson

Network Modeling of Fluid Transport Through Sea Ice with Entrained Exopolymeric Substances
Kyle R. Steffen, Yekaterina Epshteyn, Jingyi Zhu, Megan J. Bowler, Jody W. Deming, and Kenneth M. Golden

Boundary Problems for the Fractional and Tempered Fractional Operators
Weihua Deng, Buyang Li, Wenyi Tian, and Pingwen Zhang


SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry


Attacks on the Search RLWE Problem with Small Errors
Hao Chen, Kristin Lauter, and Katherine E. Stange

A Space of Phylogenetic Networks
Satyan L. Devadoss and Samantha Petti


SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


Mixed-Mode Oscillations and Twin Canard Orbits in an Autocatalytic Chemical Reaction
Cris R. Hasan, Bernd Krauskopf, and Hinke M. Osinga

Multichaos from Quasiperiodicity
Suddhasattwa Das and James A. Yorke

Conservation Laws in Biochemical Reaction Networks
Adam Mahdi, Antoni Ferragut, Claudia Valls, and Carsten Wiuf

Canards in Stiction: On Solutions of a Friction Oscillator by Regularization
Elena Bossolini, Morten Brøns, and Kristian Uldall Kristiansen

Uniform Approximation of Solutions by Elimination of Intermediate Species in Deterministic Reaction Networks
Daniele Cappelletti and Carsten Wiuf

Equilibria for an Aggregation Model with Two Species
Joep H. M. Evers, Razvan C. Fetecau, and Theodore Kolokolnikov


Symmetric Bifurcations in a Neural Field Model for Encoding the Direction of Spatial Contrast Gradients
Samuel R. Carroll and Paul C. Bressloff

Quantitative Stability of Certain Families of Periodic Solutions in the Sitnikov Problem
Jorge Galán, Daniel Núñez, and Andrés Rivera

Nonintegrability of the Armbruster--Guckenheimer--Kim Quartic Hamiltonian Through Morales--Ramis Theory
P. Acosta-Humánez, M. Alvarez-Ramírez, and T. J. Stuchi

Stability of Spiral Chimera States on a Torus
Oleh E. Omel'chenko, Matthias Wolfrum, and Edgar Knobloch

Volume Bounds for the Phase-Locking Region in the Kuramoto Model
Jared C. Bronski and Timothy Ferguson


SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics


Tajima's D and Site-Specific Nucleotide Frequency in a Population during an Infectious Disease Outbreak
Ryosuke Omori and Jianhong Wu

A Mathematical Model for Mechanically-Induced Deterioration of the Binder in Lithium-Ion Electrodes
J. M. Foster, S. J. Chapman, G. Richardson, and B. Protas

Approximations to Wave Energy Absorption by Articulated Rafts
I. F. Noad and R. Porter

Travelling Chemotactic Aggregates at Mesoscopic Scale and BiStability
Vincent Calvez, Laurent Gosse, and Monika Twarogowska

Smoothened Complete Electrode Model
Nuutti Hyvönen and Lauri Mustonen

A Stochastic Model of Language Change Through Social Structure and Prediction-Driven Instability
W. Garrett Mitchener

Diffusion of Particles with Short-Range Interactions
Maria Bruna, S. Jonathan Chapman, and Martin Robinson


Increasing Stability in the Inverse Source Problem with Attenuation and Many Frequencies
Victor Isakov and Shuai Lu

Numerical Simulation of Grating Structures Incorporating Two-Dimensional Materials: A High-Order Perturbation of Surfaces Framework
David P. Nicholls

An Iterative Wiener--Hopf Method for Triangular Matrix Functions with Exponential Factors
Anastasia V. Kisil

From Traffic and Pedestrian Follow-the-Leader Models with Reaction Time to First Order Convection-Diffusion Flow Models

Antoine Tordeux, Guillaume Costeseque, Michael Herty, and Armin Seyfried

Self-Similar Solutions to Isothermal Shock Problems
Stephan C. Deschner, Tobias F. Illenseer, and Wolfgang J. Duschl

Dynamic Looping of a Free-Draining Polymer
Felix X.-F. Ye, Panos Stinis, and Hong Qian

Drug Diffusion in a Swollen Polymer
V. A. Volpert, A. A. Nepomnyashchy, and Y. Kanevsky

A Stage-Structured Mathematical Model for Fish Stock with Harvesting
Isam Al-Darabsah and Yuan Yuan

An Exact Redatuming Procedure for the Inverse Boundary Value Problem for the Wave Equation
Maarten V. de Hoop, Paul Kepley, and Lauri Oksanen

Emergence of Balance from a Model of Social Dynamics
Ikemefuna Agbanusi and Jared C. Bronski

Modified Poisson--Nernst--Planck Model with Accurate Coulomb Correlation in Variable Media
Pei Liu, Xia Ji, and Zhenli Xu


SIAM Journal on Computing


Multikey Fully Homomorphic Encryption and Applications
Adriana López-Alt, Eran Tromer, and Vinod Vaikuntanathan

Deterministic Polynomial-Time Approximation Algorithms for Partition Functions and Graph Polynomials
Viresh Patel and Guus Regts

Quantum Algorithm for Systems of Linear Equations with Exponentially Improved Dependence on Precision
Andrew M. Childs, Robin Kothari, and Rolando D. Somma


Approximate Polytope Membership Queries
Sunil Arya, Guilherme D. da Fonseca, and David M. Mount

Algebraic Attacks against Random Local Functions and Their Countermeasures
Benny Applebaum and Shachar Lovett

Fault-Tolerant Subgraph for Single-Source Reachability: General and Optimal
Surender Baswana, Keerti Choudhary, and Liam Roditty

Inapproximability of Truthful Mechanisms via Generalizations of the Vapnik--Chervonenkis Dimension
Amit Daniely, Michael Schapira, and Gal Shahaf


SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization


Cluster Consensus with Point Group Symmetries
Xudong Chen, Mohamed-Ali Belabbas, and Tamer Başar

Bottom Detection Through Surface Measurements on Water Waves
M. A. Fontelos, R. Lecaros, J. C. López Ríos, and J. H. Ortega

Expected Supremum Representation of the Value of a Singular Stochastic Control Problem
Luis H. R. Alvarez and Pekka Matomäki

Adaptive Output Feedback Stabilization of n + m Coupled Linear Hyperbolic PDEs with Uncertain Boundary Conditions
Henrik Anfinsen and Ole Morten Aamo

Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Neutral Functional Differential Equations
Pham Huu Anh Ngoc and Hieu Trinh

Forward and Inverse Problems in Two-Phase Fluid Dynamics
Michael Zabarankin and Bogdan Grechuk

Linear Time Average Consensus and Distributed Optimization on Fixed Graphs
Alex Olshevsky

On the Stability of Kalman--Bucy Diffusion Processes
Adrian N. Bishop and Pierre Del Moral

Characterizations and Criteria for Synchronization of Heterogeneous Networks to Linear Subspaces
Quanyi Liang, Zhikun She, Lei Wang, Michael Z. Q. Chen, and Qing-Guo Wang

HJB Equations in Infinite Dimension and Optimal Control of Stochastic Evolution Equations Via Generalized Fukushima Decomposition
Giorgio Fabbri and Francesco Russo

Controllability of a Viscoelastic Plate using One Boundary Control in Displacement or Bending
Luciano Pandolfi

Output Feedback Stabilization of Coupled Reaction-Diffusion Processes with Constant Parameters
Y. Orlov, A. Pisano, A. Pilloni, and E. Usai

Time-Inconsistent Recursive Stochastic Optimal Control Problems
Qingmeng Wei, Jiongmin Yong, and Zhiyong Yu

Approximate Controllability Via Adiabatic Techniques for the Three-Inputs Controlled Schrödinger Equation
Francesca Carlotta Chittaro and Paolo Mason

Finite Dimensional Estimation Algebras with State Dimension 3 and rank 2, I: Linear Structure of Wong Matrix

Ji Shi and Stephen S.-T. Yau


Control for a Class of Second-Order Systems via a State-Dependent Riccati Equation Approach
Li-Gang Lin, Yew-Wen Liang, and Li-Jen Cheng

Consensus Conditions of Continuous-Time Multi-Agent Systems with Additive and Multiplicative Measurement Noises
Xiaofeng Zong, Tao Li, and Ji-Feng Zhang

Optimal Inventory Control with Jump Diffusion and Nonlinear Dynamics in the Demand
Jingzhen Liu, Ka Fai Cedric Yiu, and Alain Bensoussan

Boundary Feedback Stabilization for an Unstable Time Fractional Reaction Diffusion Equation
Hua-Cheng Zhou and Bao-Zhu Guo

High Order Discrete Approximations to Mayer's Problems for Linear Systems
Alain Pietrus, Teresa Scarinci, and Vladimir Veliov

Linearized Stability of Partial Differential Equations with Application to Stabilization of the Kuramoto--Sivashinsky Equation
Rasha al Jamal and Kirsten Morris

Limitations of Robust Stability of a Linear Delayed Feedback Control
D. Dmitrishin, P. Hagelstein, A. Khamitova, and A. Stokolos

Stability and Robustness Analysis for Switched Systems with Time-Varying Delays
Frédéric Mazenc, Michael Malisoff, and Hitay Özbay

Switching in Time-Optimal Problem with Control in a Ball
Andrei A. Agrachev and Carolina Biolo

Symmetry Reduction, Contact Geometry, and Partial Feedback Linearization
J. De Doná, N. Tehseen, and P. J. Vassiliou

Stable Optimal Control and Semicontractive Dynamic Programming
Dimitri P. Bertsekas


SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics


The Configuration Space of a Robotic Arm in a Tunnel
Federico Ardila, Hanner Bastidas, Cesar Ceballos, and John Guo

Graph Information Ratio
Lele Wang and Ofer Shayevitz

Prestress Stability of Triangulated Convex Polytopes and Universal Second-Order Rigidity
Robert Connelly and Steven J. Gortler

Planar Posets Have Dimension at Most Linear in Their Height
Gwenaël Joret, Piotr Micek, and Veit Wiechert


A Lower Bound Technique for Triangulations of Simplotopes
Tyler Seacrest and Francis Edward Su

Mod (2p+1)-Orientation on Bipartite Graphs and Complementary Graphs
Jiaao Li, Xinmin Hou, Miaomiao Han, and Hong-Jian Lai

Approximation Algorithms for Stochastic and Risk-Averse Optimization
Jaroslaw Byrka and Aravind Srinivasan

Generalized Permutohedra from Probabilistic Graphical Models
Fatemeh Mohammadi, Caroline Uhler, Charles Wang, and Josephine Yu

Fine Structure of 4-Critical Triangle-Free Graphs III. General Surfaces
Zdeněk Dvořák and Bernard Lidický

A Super-Set of Patterson--Wiedemann Functions: Upper Bounds and Possible Nonlinearities
Selçuk Kavut, Subhamoy Maitra, and Ferruh Özbudak

K4-Minor-Free Induced Subgraphs of Sparse Connected Graphs
Gwenaël Joret and David R. Wood

Uniquely Restricted Matchings in Interval Graphs
Mathew C. Francis, Dalu Jacob, and Satyabrata Jana

Parametrizing an Integer Linear Program by an Integer
Bobby Shen

A Combinatorial Approach to the Symmetry of q,t-Catalan Numbers
Kyungyong Lee, Li Li, and Nicholas A. Loehr

Four Edge-Independent Spanning Trees
Alexander Hoyer and Robin Thomas


SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics


Stochastic Evolution Equations for Large Portfolios of Stochastic Volatility Models
Ben Hambly and Nikolaos Kolliopoulos


Pricing Arithmetic Asian Options Under Lévy Models by Backward Induction in the Dual Space
Sergei Levendorskiĭ

Contagion in Financial Systems: A Bayesian Network Approach
Carsten Chong and Claudia Klüppelberg

Cumulative Prospect Theory with Generalized Hyperbolic Skewed t Distribution
Minsuk Kwak and Traian A. Pirvu

Multivariate Shortfall Risk Allocation and Systemic Risk
Yannick Armenti, Stéphane Crépey, Samuel Drapeau, and Antonis Papapantoleon


SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences


Interactive Video Colorization Within a Variational Framework
F. Pierre, J.-F. Aujol, A. Bugeau, and V.-T. Ta

Volume Reconstruction from Slices
Elie Bretin, François Dayrens, and Simon Masnou


Reconstructing Fine Details of Small Objects by Using Plasmonic Spectroscopic Data
Habib Ammari, Matias Ruiz, Sanghyeon Yu, and Hai Zhang

Total Variation--Based Phase Retrieval for Poisson Noise Removal
Huibin Chang, Yifei Lou, Yuping Duan, and Stefano Marchesini

Variational Phase Retrieval with Globally Convergent Preconditioned Proximal Algorithm
Huibin Chang, Stefano Marchesini, Yifei Lou, and Tieyong Zeng

A Variational Model for Joint Motion Estimation and Image Reconstruction
Martin Burger, Hendrik Dirks, and Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb

An Anisotropic Inf-Convolution BV Type Model for Dynamic Reconstruction
Maïtine Bergounioux and E. Papoutsellis


SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis


Steady States of Rotating Stars and Galaxies
Walter A. Strauss and Yilun Wu

A Space-Time Wigner Function Approach to Long Time Schrödinger--Poisson Dynamics
José Luis López and Juan Soler

Local Well-Posedness and Global Stability of the Two-Phase Stefan Problem
Mahir Hadžić, Gustavo Navarro, and Steve Shkoller

Regularity Problem for the Nematic LCD System with Q-tensor in R3
Mimi Dai

Bohr's Correspondence Principle for the Renormalized Nelson Model
Zied Ammari and Marco Falconi

Stability of Solitary Waves of the Kadomtsev--Petviashvili Equation with a Weak Rotation
Amin Esfahani and Steve Levandosky

The Landau--Lifshitz Equation of the Ferromagnetic Spin Chain and Oseen--Frank Flow
Xueke Pu, Meng Wang, and Wendong Wang

Jost Solutions and the Direct Scattering Problem of the Benjamin--Ono Equation
Yilun Wu

On Electromagnetic Scattering from a Penetrable Corner
Hongyu Liu and Jingni Xiao


The Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions to the Repulsive n-Body Problem
Gerhard Rein

Recursive Diffeomorphism-Based Regression for Shape Functions
Jieren Xu, Haizhao Yang, and Ingrid Daubechies

Derivation of the Dipolar Gross--Pitaevskii Energy
Arnaud Triay

On Orbital Stability of Ground States for Finite Crystals in Fermionic Schrödinger--Poisson Model
A. Komech and E. Kopylova

A Stokes Two-Fluid Model for Cell Migration that Can Account for Physical Cues in the Microenvironment
Steinar Evje and Huanyao Wen

An Obstacle Problem for Elastic Graphs
Anna Dall'Acqua and Klaus Deckelnick

Regularity of Stationary Solutions to the Linearized Boltzmann Equations

I-Kun Chen

Minimization of Anisotropic Energies in Classes of Rectifiable Varifolds
Antonio De Rosa

Exact Diatomic Fermi--Pasta--Ulam--Tsingou Solitary Waves with Optical Band Ripples at Infinity
Timothy E. Faver and J. Douglas Wright

Variational Problems for Föppl--von Kármán Plates
Francesco Maddalena, Danilo Percivale, and Franco Tomarelli

On the Steady Non-Newtonian Fluids in Domains with Noncompact Boundaries
Yang Jiaqi and Yin Huicheng

On Isomorphism for the Space of Solenoidal Vector Fields and Its Application to the Incompressible Flows
Yasunori Maekawa and Hideyuki Miura


SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications


Practical Sketching Algorithms for Low-Rank Matrix Approximation
Joel A. Tropp, Alp Yurtsever, Madeleine Udell, and Volkan Cevher

A Note on Constraint Preconditioning

Daniel Loghin

Large-Scale Computation of L-Norms by a Greedy Subspace Method
Nicat Aliyev, Peter Benner, Emre Mengi, Paul Schwerdtner, and Matthias Voigt

Low Rank Symmetric Tensor Approximations
Jiawang Nie

Hyperbolic Pseudoinverses for Kinematics in the Euclidean Group
P. Donelan and J. M. Selig

Symmetric Kronecker Products and Semiclassical Wave Packets
George A. Hagedorn and Caroline Lasser

A Splitting Preconditioner for Toeplitz-Like Linear Systems Arising from Fractional Diffusion Equations
Xue-lei Lin, Michael K. Ng, and Hai-Wei Sun


Globally Convergent Jacobi-Type Algorithms for Simultaneous Orthogonal Symmetric Tensor Diagonalization
Jianze Li, Konstantin Usevich, and Pierre Comon

Fast Computation of the Matrix Exponential for a Toeplitz Matrix
Daniel Kressner and Robert Luce

A Subspace Method for Large-Scale Eigenvalue Optimization
Fatih Kangal, Karl Meerbergen, Emre Mengi, and Wim Michiels

Primitive Sets of Nonnegative Matrices and Synchronizing Automata
Balázs Gerencsér, Vladimir V. Gusev, and Raphaël M. Jungers

Concave Mirsky Inequality and Low-Rank Recovery
Simon Foucart

Iterative Methods for Solving Factorized Linear Systems
Anna Ma, Deanna Needell, and Aaditya Ramdas


SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis


On a Certified Smagorinsky Reduced Basis Turbulence Model
Tomás Chacón Rebollo, Enrique Delgado Ávila, Macarena Gómez Mármol, Francesco Ballarin, and Gianluigi Rozza

Multilevel Particle Filters
Ajay Jasra, Kengo Kamatani, Kody J. H. Law, and Yan Zhou

Matrix Stabilization Using Differential Equations
Nicola Guglielmi and Christian Lubich

Invariant Domains and Second-Order Continuous Finite Element Approximation for Scalar Conservation Equations
Jean-Luc Guermond and Bojan Popov

A Measure Approximation for Distributionally Robust PDE-Constrained Optimization Problems
D. P. Kouri

Galerkin Finite Element Approximations for Stochastic Space-Time Fractional Wave Equations
Yajing Li, Yejuan Wang, and Weihua Deng

Well-Balanced Second-Order Approximation of the Shallow Water Equation with Continuous Finite Elements

Pascal Azerad, Jean-Luc Guermond, and Bojan Popov


Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear Subdiffusion Equations
Bangti Jin, Buyang Li, and Zhi Zhou

A Spectral Method (of Exponential Convergence) for Singular Solutions of the Diffusion Equation with General Two-Sided Fractional Derivative
Zhiping Mao and George Em Karniadakis

A Nonintrusive Stratified Resampler for Regression Monte Carlo: Application to Solving Nonlinear Equations
Emmanuel Gobet, Gang Liu, and Jorge P. Zubelli

Uniform-in-Time Error Estimates for the Postprocessing Galerkin Method Applied to a Data Assimilation Algorithm
Cecilia F. Mondaini and Edriss S. Titi

Quasi--Monte Carlo Integration for Affine-Parametric, Elliptic PDEs: Local Supports and Product Weights
Robert N. Gantner, Lukas Herrmann, and Christoph Schwab

Mathematical Analysis and Finite Element Time Domain Simulation of Arbitrary Star-Shaped Electromagnetic Cloaks
Wei Yang, Jichun Li, and Yunqing Huang

A Galerkin Least Squares Approach for Photoacoustic Tomography
Johannes Schwab, Sergiy Pereverzyev, Jr., and Markus Haltmeier

On Really Locking-Free Mixed Finite Element Methods for the Transient Incompressible Stokes Equations
Naveed Ahmed, Alexander Linke, and Christian Merdon

An Analysis of the Modified L1 Scheme for Time-Fractional Partial Differential Equations with Nonsmooth Data
Yubin Yan, Monzorul Khan, and Neville J. Ford

Analysis of a High-Order Trace Finite Element Method for PDEs on Level Set Surfaces
Jörg Grande, Christoph Lehrenfeld, and Arnold Reusken

Entropy Stability and the No-Slip Wall Boundary Condition
Magnus Svärd, Mark H. Carpenter, and Matteo Parsani

SIAM Journal on Optimization


Ekeland Variational Principles in Vector Equilibrium Problems
C. Gutiérrez, G. Kassay, V. Novo, and J. L. Ródenas-Pedregosa

On the Estimation Performance and Convergence Rate of the Generalized Power Method for Phase Synchronization
Huikang Liu, Man-Chung Yue, and Anthony Man-Cho So

On High-order Model Regularization for Constrained Optimization
José Mario Martínez

On the Uniqueness and Numerical Approximations for a Matching Problem
Noureddine Igbida, Van Thanh Nguyen, and Julián Toledo

Sensitivity Analysis in Applications with Deviation, Risk, Regret, and Error Measures
Bogdan Grechuk and Michael Zabarankin

Higher-Order Optimality Conditions and Higher-Order Tangent Sets
Jean-Paul Penot

Causal Transport in Discrete Time and Applications
Julio Backhoff, Mathias Beiglböck, Yiqing Lin, and Anastasiia Zalashko

A Faster Algorithm Solving a Generalization of Isotonic Median Regression and a Class of Fused Lasso Problems
Dorit S. Hochbaum and Cheng Lu

Achieving Geometric Convergence for Distributed Optimization Over Time-Varying Graphs
Angelia Nedić, Alex Olshevsky, and Wei Shi

Variational Gram Functions: Convex Analysis and Optimization
Amin Jalali, Maryam Fazel, and Lin Xiao


A Multigrid Approach to SDP Relaxations of Sparse Polynomial Optimization Problems
Juan S. Campos and Panos Parpas

Infimal Convolution and Optimal Time Control Problem III: Minimal Time Projection Set
Grigorii E. Ivanov and Lionel Thibault

On Sampling Rates in Simulation-Based Recursions
Raghu Pasupathy, Peter Glynn, Soumyadip Ghosh, and Fatemeh S. Hashemi

Inexact Newton-Type Optimization with Iterated Sensitivities
Rien Quirynen, Sébastien Gros, and Moritz Diehl

A Smooth Primal-Dual Optimization Framework for Nonsmooth Composite Convex Minimization
Quoc Tran-Dinh, Olivier Fercoq, and Volkan Cevher

Consistency of the Scenario Approach
Federico Alessandro Ramponi

On the Convergence of Gradient-Like Flows with Noisy Gradient Input
Panayotis Mertikopoulos and Mathias Staudigl


SIAM Review

SIREV 59-4


SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing


A New Analysis of Iterative Refinement and Its Application to Accurate Solution of Ill-Conditioned Sparse Linear Systems
Erin Carson and Nicholas J. Higham

Acceleration of an Iterative Method for the Evaluation of High-Frequency Multiple Scattering Effects
Yassine Boubendir, Fatih Ecevit, and Fernando Reitich

Algorithmic Aspects of Multigrid Methods for Optimization in Shape Spaces
Martin Siebenborn and Kathrin Welker

Landau Collision Integral Solver with Adaptive Mesh Refinement on Emerging Architectures
Mark F. Adams, Eero Hirvijoki, Matthew G. Knepley, Jed Brown, Tobin Isaac, and Richard Mills

Weak Second Order Explicit Exponential Runge--Kutta Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations
Yoshio Komori, David Cohen, and Kevin Burrage

A Novel Variable-Separation Method Based on Sparse and Low Rank Representation for Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
Qiuqi Li and Lijian Jiang

A Hybrid Riemann Solver for Large Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws
Birte Schmidtmann and Manuel Torrilhon

Weight-Adjusted Discontinuous Galerkin Methods: Wave Propagation in Heterogeneous Media
Jesse Chan, Russell J. Hewett, and T. Warburton

Computing Localized Representations of the Kohn--Sham Subspace Via Randomization and Refinement
Anil Damle, Lin Lin, and Lexing Ying

Weight-Adjusted Discontinuous Galerkin Methods: Wave Propagation in Heterogeneous Media
Jesse Chan, Russell J. Hewett, and T. Warburton

Landau Collision Integral Solver with Adaptive Mesh Refinement on Emerging Architectures
Mark F. Adams, Eero Hirvijoki, Matthew G. Knepley, Jed Brown, Tobin Isaac, and Richard Mills

An Adaptive Multiresolution Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Time-Dependent Transport Equations in Multidimensions
Wei Guo and Yingda Cheng

Task-based Parallel Computation of the Density Matrix in Quantum-based Molecular Dynamics using Graph Partitioning
Purnima Ghale, Matthew P. Kroonblawd, Sue Mniszewski, Christian F. A. Negre, Robert Pavel, Sergio Pino, Vivek Sardeshmukh, Guangjie Shi, and Georg Hahn

Preconditioners for Mixed Finite Element Discretizations of Incompressible MHD Equations
Michael Wathen, Chen Greif, and Dominik Schötzau

Sensitivity Analysis of Uncertain Dynamic Systems Using Set-Valued Integration

Nikola D. Perić, Mario E. Villanueva, and Benoît Chachuat

A Parallel Iterative Algorithm for Differential Linear Complementarity Problems
Shu-Lin Wu and Xiaojun Chen

Unconditionally Convergent L1-Galerkin FEMs for Nonlinear Time-Fractional Schrödinger Equations
Dongfang Li, Jilu Wang, and Jiwei Zhang

A Fast Algorithm for the Convolution of Functions with Compact Support Using Fourier Extensions
Kuan Xu, Anthony P. Austin, and Ke Wei

Projected Nonlinear Least Squares for Exponential Fitting
Jeffrey M. Hokanson

Correction of High-Order BDF Convolution Quadrature for Fractional Evolution Equations

Bangti Jin, Buyang Li, and Zhi Zhou


Modified Virtual Grid Difference for Discretizing the Laplace--Beltrami Operator on Point Clouds
Meng Wang, Shingyu Leung, and Hongkai Zhao

Partial Differential Equation Pricing of Contingent Claims under Stochastic Correlation
Nat Chun-Ho Leung, Christina C. Christara, and Duy-Minh Dang

High-Performance Tensor Contraction without Transposition

Devin A. Matthews

Reduced Order Modeling for Time-Dependent Optimization Problems with Initial Value Controls
Matthias Heinkenschloss and Dörte Jando

An Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for the Numerical Solution of a Fully Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation Involving the Jacobian Determinant
Alexandre Caboussat and Roland Glowinski

Implicit Positivity-Preserving High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Conservation Laws
Tong Qin and Chi-Wang Shu

A Robust Conservative Mixed Finite Element Method for Isentropic Compressible Flow on Pipe Networks
H. Egger

High-Order Multi-Material ALE Hydrodynamics
Robert W. Anderson, Veselin A. Dobrev, Tzanio V. Kolev, Robert N. Rieben, and Vladimir Z. Tomov

An Unfitted Formulation for the Interaction of an Incompressible Fluid with a Thick Structure via an XFEM/DG Approach
Stefano Zonca, Christian Vergara, and Luca Formaggia

Material Optimization in Transverse Electromagnetic Scattering Applications
Johannes Semmler, Lukas Pflug, and Michael Stingl

Towards a Unified Finite Element Method for the Stokes Equations
Hannah Morgan and L. Ridgway Scott

A Randomized Maximum A Posteriori Method for Posterior Sampling of High Dimensional Nonlinear Bayesian Inverse Problems

Kainan Wang, Tan Bui-Thanh, and Omar Ghattas

Numerical Gaussian Processes for Time-Dependent and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Maziar Raissi, Paris Perdikaris, and George Em Karniadakis


SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification


Efficient Reduced Basis Methods for Saddle Point Problems with Applications in Groundwater Flow
Craig J. Newsum and Catherine E. Powell

A Novel Methodology of Stochastic Short Term Forecasting of Cloud Boundaries
Ya-Ting Huang and James Glimm


Approximation of Limit State Surfaces in Monotonic Monte Carlo Settings, with Applications to Classification
N. Bousquet, T. Klein, and V. Moutoussamy

Bayesian Inference via Filtering Equations for Ultrahigh Frequency Data (I): Model and Estimation
Grace X. Hu, David R. Kuipers, and Yong Zeng

Bayesian Inference via Filtering Equations for Ultrahigh Frequency Data (II): Model Selection
Grace X. Hu, David R. Kuipers, and Yong Zeng

Ensemble Grouping Strategies for Embedded Stochastic Collocation Methods Applied to Anisotropic Diffusion Problems
M. D'Elia, H. C. Edwards, J. Hu, E. Phipps, and S. Rajamanickam


Theory of Probability and its Applications

TVP 61-3


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