SIAM Texas-Louisiana Section (SIAM-TXLA)

The Texas-Louisiana Section was formed in 2016 to serve SIAM members in Texas and Louisiana. Its purpose is to provide ongoing opportunity for mathematicians working in both industry and academia to come together and form a strong social and promotional network; to promote a sense of identity as mathematicians; to allow members to share ideas, continue or reestablish links with other mathematicians; and to provide a platform for a form of continuing education/collaborative environment in our geographic area.



(All terms January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017)

President: Audrey Addison, Chevron Energy Technology Company
Vice President (Houston Regional): Anusha Sekar, Chevron Energy Technology Company
Vice President (Dallas Regional): Alexey Sukhinin, Southern Methodist University
Vice President (Louisiana Regional): Rob Lipton, Louisiana State University  
Treasurer: Ilya Timofeyev, University of Houston
Secretary: William Ott, University of Houston



UT Austin Chapter for SIAM is holding the Texas Applied Mathematics and Engineering Symposium from September 21st-23rd, 2017 at the UT Austin campus. SIAM TX-LA will be sponsoring students to travel to this workshop. Learn More!

Invited speakers:
Yuri Bazilevs - University of California, San Diego
Omar Ghattas - The University of Texas at Austin
Joydeep Ghosh - The University of Texas at Austin
Robert Moser - The University of Texas at Austin
Charles Taylor, CTO - Heartflow
Jessica Zhang - Carnegie Mellon University

Minisymposia on:
Numerical Analysis
Data Science and Machine Learning
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computational Solid Mechanics
Solvers and Linear Algebra
Finite Element Methods
Bayesian Inference and Inverse Problems
Uncertainty Quantification
High Performance Computing
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
Computational Physics

Local Organizers:
Brendan Keith, Gopal Yalla, Tom O’Leary Roseberry, Tim Smith, Max Bremer, Josh Chen, Todd Arbogast

SIAM TX-LA in cooperation with SIAM Imaging Sciences Activity group is organizing the Houston Imaging Sciences Symposium from October 2nd-3rd, 2017. Register Here!

This two-day symposium will bring together experts and practitioners of imaging sciences in various industry, including but not limited to oil and medical industries.

Focus will be on the mathematical and numerical aspects of imaging. At the same time, the focus will also be on how to apply the mathematics to solve industry problems of today. Look at what the future holds for imaging, find intersection between imaging and all the fantastic improvements in machine learning, reduced order models, compressive sensing, etc.

Four sections:
Tomographic Imaging: Lead by Dr. Eric Miller, Tufts University
Reflection Imaging: Lead by Dr. Bill Symes, Rice University
Image Processing: Lead by Dr. David Fuentes, M.D. Anderson
Future of Imaging: Lead by Dr. Maarten DeHoop, Rice University

Plenary Speakers :
Gunther Uhlmann, IAS, HKUST & University of Washington (Abstract: Travel Time Tomography)
Patrick La Riviere, University of Chicago (Abstract: Towards Color Computed Tomography: Algorithmic Challenges and Opportunities in Spectral CT)  

Visit the Symposium website for more details.

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